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Electrical is responsible for the following

The duties that the Electrical Manager looks after whether are carried out are as follows:

  • The certification of work described above
  •  The disconnection and connection of fittings and appliances from and to a power supply, other than by means of a plug or pin inserted into a socket, or an appliance coupler inserted into an appliance inlet; for the purpose of the maintenance of those fittings; and The testing of work described above
  • The maintenance of fittings that are connected to conductors used in works or electrical installations
  • The supervision of any work described above and of the Technicians and Artisans performing such duties
  • Dealing with the Electrical Circuits, Conductors, Insulators, Fittings, Appliances, measuring instruments, Safety of Personnel, Appliance Testing, Electric Shock, Basic First Aid, Attending community reported problems, installing and replacing the prepaid meters.
  • The maintenance of appliances

Mr Mondli Buthelezi
(Acting Electrical Manager)