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KwaZulu Natal

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Tourism and Economic Projects

“In our quest to eradicate poverty, improve local economy and provide job opportunities for local people, the following projects have been earmarked”

Agricultural development Projects

  1. Commercial Green House Farming
  2. Commercial Piggery Production
  3. Commercial Poultry Production and processing
  4. Commercial Forestry (i.e. Mondi and Shosholoza companies)
  5. Pigs Abattoir
  6. Soya Bean Processing
  7. Maize production and processing
  8. Commercial Cattle Production
  9. Cattle Stock sale site& Kraal
  10. Commercial Vegetable production
  11. Commercial Egg Production
  12. Fruit & Veg Farming


Tourism and Culture Projects

Using these tourism nodes efficiently eDumbe can be a tourism area attracting visitors world wide, and through tourism the economy of the area may be improved.

  1. Bonamanzi/Dumbe Dam Development
  2. Ithala Game reserve Corridor
  3. Bivane Dam Development
  4. Mkabayi Kajama Homesteads
  5. Mbizeni Hot Springs
  6.  Phongola Bush Nature Reserve Development
  7. Tour Guide operations
  8. Township Lodge (B&B) & Restaurant

Mining and Industrial Projects

  1. Recycling Factory
  2. Animal Feeds Manufacturing Factory
  3. Timber Processing Factory (Plank Manufacturing)
  4. Charcoal Manufacturing Factory
  5. Clothing Manufacturing
  6. Paper Manufacturing Plant
  7. Nappies/Diapers, sanitary pads, panty liners Manufacturing Factory
  8. Corrugated Sheets/Door Frame/Window Frame Manufacturing Factory
  9. Toilet rolls Manufacturing factory
  10. Rooftiles, floortiles, slabs & pavers Manufacturing factory



The municipality has embarked on a number of projects that seeks to develop and empower our community. Besides the projects mentioned above, there are many more projects that in our portfolio!