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Information Technology

Information Technology is responsible for the following

ICT section is the heart of the organisation as it caters for all departments of the municipality regarding ICT services and also provides the support needed by the employees and the community at large. The organisation exists because of information otherwise it will be useless and thus ICT section ensures that such information and supporting physical resources are well managed. All staff members and councillors have access to computers as means of improving the quality of life for everyone. The main aim is to adhere to the economic rule that says “with a minimum possible input you have, you can produce a maximum possible output” which means using the minimum resources we have we can do service delivery to the maximum level best.

The special services done in ICT section are: providing support to libraries; making sure that printing, photocopying and faxing activities are carried by ensuring that the machines are in good working condition; making sure that the Electricity Vending System is always working to sell electricity at the municipal buildings; give support to all municipal systems including financial systems; ensuring that municipal network is always available and reliable as well as having access to Wi-Fi technology within the main buildings. Other important function performed by ICT section as provided for by Section 21B of Municipal Systems Act is updating of the website by posting reports as per Section 71 and 75 of MFMA; and managing of the users emails addresses. Management of security system within the buildings is also ensured by this section. For the Development, Implementation and Review of ICT policies the ICT unit remain the custodian. ICT unit also communicates with ICT services suppliers where necessary regarding the current services rendered or contemplated services the Municipality may be need to have.

Skills required to move towards and manage a functional ICT Governance:

Information Management, Risk management, Information security, Systems architecture, Continuity Management, Network design and operations, Website specialism, Project management, Financial management for ICT, Change management, etc.

This unit comprises of 3 staff: ICT Manager, ICT Technician and Network Administrator.

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Mr NM Mathabela
(Manager Information Technology)