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Public Safety and Disaster Management

Public Safety and Disaster Management is responsible for the following

There are about five main functions that are dully performed by the competent officers in this section which are Traffic, Testing Centre, Registration and Licensing, Disaster Management and Road Safety. Although éDumbe is classified as a deep rural area but it is equally regarded as a significant area separating two provinces KwaZulu-Natal and Mpumalanga thus most of vehicles crossing over between these provinces would pass through éDumbe which gives our officers a task to work tirelessly in doing road traffic control, inspection, and road speed control and attend road accidents. 


When a driver has received a fine for infringing the rules of the road or disobeying the road signs that fine shall be paid at Traffic offices in due time prescribed in the ticket failing which the legal action will be taken against the offender. If an offender feels to challenge or seek for appeal for mitigating the fine then he/she has got a right to refer the matter to the éDumbe Civil court.

Mr TR Nkosi
(Public Safety and Disaster Management Manager)