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Gender Desk

Gender desk is responsible for the following

Land, Life and other human resources are the most important asset for both poor and non-poor households at éDumbe. It underpins cultural identity, political power and participation in decision-making, provides a secure place to live and engage in economic and social activities, and constitutes collateral for credit. The widespread exclusion of African women from owning and/or controlling land and other resources means that they are often barred from effectively engaging in economic activities and having a secure and sustainable livelihood. The Municipality has made commitments which, if implemented, would help unlock the potential for growth and development that lie in the hands of African women.

Thus we have established this pillar to the Community Development Services department aimed at addressing the variety of unruly scourges that have affected people of our area for many years.

Ms N Shabalala
(Gender & Women Empowerment)