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Shared Services

The Shared services is responsible for the following

Zululand Development Planning Shared Services was established as part of the turn-around strategy for Local Government. It was further established to support and assist in the devolution of powers to Local Government. The need for DPSS is linked to the following factors:

·       Impending changes in development planning legislation, PDA;

·       Limitations on capacity in Local Government;

·       Financial constraints in municipalities to engage qualified and suitably experienced planning staff.

·       The need to extend all development planning functions across the full area of jurisdiction of local municipalities.

·       And to strengthen coordination function between Municipalities.

The key objective is to establish effective local governance within the Zululand Family of Municipalities. The DPSS Functions are:

·       Spatial Planning (SDF and LUMS)

·       Strategic Planning (IDP)

·       Development Administration (PDA)

·       Performance Management (PMS)

·       Information Management and Systems Development (GIS)

·       Building Inspection and Control

(Shared Services Manager)